7 Time Saving Tips Every College Student Should Know

It probably took years to save enough money for college. For most students, parents began saving for their child’s college education even before they took their first steps. Some students had to make it happen for themselves by taking on odd jobs here and there. And even with all that planning, there are still many […]

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How Technology Affects College Life

We live in a pretty fast paced world. If you think about it, 20 years ago, attending college meant toting around heavy books, perhaps a laptop, a cell phone, and maybe a few necessary tools to execute a variety of projects for each of your classes. Today, not only has the delivery of the lessons […]

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5 Really Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Grade

When you go to work, your reward is your paycheck at the end of the week. When you got to school however, your reward is your grades. But what happens when you put all your effort and energy into your study but your grades don’t seem to reflect your zeal. It can become very discouraging […]

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How to Write a 1000 Word Essay in a Day


Every college student will have a different approach to his studies. Some will approach the task with extreme organization and others will just take each day as it comes. No matter what your approach may be, don’t be surprised if you are still overloaded with the amount of work that you have to do. When […]

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How to Find Motivation for Writing a Research Paper


Motivation, sometimes it is necessary to dig deep to find the motivation necessary to write the research paper that your professor assigned. You might struggle with finding the motivation because you are not interested in the subject matter or you have other things that you prefer to devote your time to, other than research papers. […]

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12 Skills to Help You Survive University


One of the first things students learn when they attend university is that college is very different from high school. While you may have graduated in the top of you class in school, accumulated lots of recognition for your accomplishments and may have been the pride and joy in you earlier years, it may come […]

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7 Tips to Write a Great Research Paper


Writing a research paper can be a complicated task. It involves much more than putting a few basic ideas on paper. The finished project should be able to demonstrate the knowledge you’ve acquired through your course of studies and ways to apply it. If you’re assigned the task of a research paper, there are a […]

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How to Write a Good Abstract


Writing for university students is very different from writing a high school paper. Quite often, your assignments will be much more detailed and informative than the single page papers you turned in before. In most cases, whether it’s a research paper, thesis, or some other form of formal writing, you’ll have to prepare an abstract […]

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How to Improve Grades This Semester


The ability to get good grades actually starts before the first day of class with your course selections. While each course of study has its own set of prerequisites, you should make sure that you choose classes that you are capable of mastering. Avoid settling for courses because that’s what’s available and select those courses […]

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Tips on How to Relieve Exam Stress


Students looking for academic excellence usually find themselves dealing with stress when exam time occurs. Exam stress is something that you can ignore or face head on. If you are someone who finds yourself battling stress when exam time comes around, the following are some tips that will help make life easier on you. One […]

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